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Nina takes one leap and then stops dancing, sensing something's wrong. I am, as others, a little confused after just watching it. Naked indian tumblr. Black swan cab scene. Then there was her anger at her mother. She killed herself in the end like the charactor in the play she was in. There is a confusion of control versus power in abusive situations.

She wipes the tears off with the back of her hand and pulls herself together. Oh, and I must also mention the nail clipping scene. All the sex is this movie is exploitive, from the mom, to Tomas with Beth and Tomas with Nina he exploits his authority with both, for professional gain. If you were to go see Swan Lake performed, you had better get your ass out of that seat at the end of the ballet and applaud the Swan Queen. Violet benson naked. Abusers will also physically wear down their victims.

After the movie when I got home I was so upset I ran and ran in the hills and got a big stick and started beating and beating and beating the ground. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. No, my choice not to debate you on each topic does not mean that I agree with all that you wrote.

I disagree that Nina connects Lily with her mother in her head. I would love to hear more thoughts on this movie from others who have seen it. I think that this triggered her memories to surface, along with her playing the role of the black swan. Furthermore, as one who has at times suffered from the effects of PTSD, I find a sort of joy from stories that deal earnestly with the darker side of the human experience. She extracts the mirror shard: I sympathized a lot with Nina and felt what she was feeling.

She pulls at loose skin, which rips her finger open, washes it, and the wound mysteriously disappears. Will insanity reward her with rainbows and unicorns? Again, blink and you miss it, but I think this is because it's really her mom in the kitchen. The mother did not exist. My interpretation of this is that Nina's subconscious is telling her "You should be that right now" "You should be acting like the Black Swan" "You shouldnt be playing it safe and sweet like you are" And Nina runs away from that.

It sounded good and interesting, because I like creative movies, but it was just about the sex. It's also about letting go. Www pronstar tube com. NINA Just had a hard day.

After a few hours at the club Nina wants to leave so she and Lily hail a cab, both sitting in the back. Lily slips out of the booth and Tom follows, leaving Nina and Andrew alone. Nina looks at the father in platonic terms, the qualities which require admiration and inspire obedience.

Nina dances a few steps, and then launches into the most difficult and famous part of Swan Lake: The white swan represents control and technical ability while the black swan represents the intangible qualities of confidence and "letting go". The piano music trickles to a halt. She got stabbed when she was fighting imaginary Lily, she taught she stabbed Lily but really she stabbed herself.

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NINA Why didn't you wake me up? Nina jumps into an open elevator. LILY She's a trip So often we apply the film to life when in reality it is the life that is applied to the film. Www black girl sexy com. When she and Barb are sitting fixing shoes Barb asks about the scratching and demands that Nina take her shirt off so she can see. But, in death, finds freedom.

Most people saw it weeks ago. One can see how uncomfortable nina is. Jennifer April 29, 7: January 2, at 8: Wish I could have been there.

He leads her up a staircase to a landing that overlooks the party. In other words, the stabbing scene didn't happen NINA I wouldn't know. Can't believe he just sprung that on you. Erica shuts the door. Porn dvd finder. Black swan cab scene. Then Lily began to work her way down Nina's body, kissing her chest and stomach and massaging her breasts as she went.

In her head, Lily and the director both came onto her when Lily clearly had no sexual interest in her and I suspect the director did not, either. The mother was a classic stage mom — usually with the same psychological motives…. I am, as others, a little confused after just watching it. Nina scurries by, goes in her room, tests to see if the wood would work to keep her door shut. This is very bothersome. As she moves, she notices something strange out of the corner of her eye: She makes a sorry face, but then continues dancing.

Nina waits until she's gone, then moves closer to the door and peeks inside, curious. Thank you for the insightful perspective and wonderful explanation. Nina prepares for disappointment. Monica raymund nude. Both the white swan and black swan- the good and evil sides to her- must be seen, acknowledged, and integrated, otherwise it will kill her. Just like what Thomas said, in the movie. The scene reveals that other side of the carefully controlled artist is a young woman of painful depth and desire, who revels in just the kind of passion Thomas has been so eager to induce.

February 12, at 7: This, I think, relates to one of the great shames that victims of sexual abuse feel, that the pleasurable apsect of sex is not entirely absent — and though this does not make abuse any less abuse, it is what shames Nina, and causes her to turn away from sex. Beth turns into Nina when she begins stabbing herself in the hospital further ambiguity when Nina gets in the elevator and actually drops the bloody nail file at her own feet… ; we are never sure whether the mother is drawing self-portraits or pictures of Nina; Lily turns into Nina at least once, if not more, during the final struggle in the dressing room and this time the audience gets confirmation of the ambiguity since, we know, Nina never actually fought or stabbed Lily but rather, be it figuratively or literally, stabbed herself with the glass.

The music is indeed amazing tho. Unless your name's Tom and you have a dick. He suddenly stops playing. She stares intently at Leroy, awaiting his response. Nina also wants stardom and adoration.

If it was real and Nina dropped the file in the elevator then during the investigation the object Beth might have used to commit "suicide" would be nowhere to be found making that object a murder weapon.

Thanks for engaging here. As such, her only option is to live out the role.

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I think Nina's mind created her to be something more than she was Nina avoids it, looking towards Lily, who gives her a small smile. Nina looks at herself in the mirror, glazed in sweat, a slight smile of satisfaction.

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Anal babes tumblr Erica gives her a suspicious look, but lets it go and smiles. At the end of the day, it is inconsequential to the film.
Cum in his ass tumblr Portman grabs broken glass and becomes a monster and stabs Mila, breaking the glass off inside her!
Bigtits xvideos com It is showing how the abuse of her mother whatever type it happens to be is interfering with her ability to connect with the black swan side of her. Then Nina walks past…herself?
Milf truth or dare Slight applause from the other dancers. When she and Barb are sitting fixing shoes Barb asks about the scratching and demands that Nina take her shirt off so she can see. NINA Some of us don't need to do that.
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