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She was okay as the ingenue, but she's never been up to anything that requires real acting or comic timing.

I want those casting to know that I will be able to find moments on set to help make the end product better. Yeah, Boo has a slimy quality to her, but I appreciate the sheer dykiness of her. Mature photos tumblr. I was so surprised Lea DeLaria Boo is in her late 50s. The Greatest Chuck Nice "Let me see it! How Much Have You Seen? Seasons 3 and 4 were barely watchable for me, but I am dying for season 6!

I take that back. Michael torpey naked. Juilliard has a school that focuses on acting - where Lorraine Toussaint went. To get caught up on Season One, visit www. Boring and too played out.

There's really no reason for Soso to be on the show anymore. Wiley sings the lead of Amazing Grace--she's a preacher's kid; she nails it. Tiny breast tumblr. I never finished actually Cheesy ending, I agree. While I was watching the end of "Sing it, White Effie," all I could think was that this episode and the show only exist because a bland white lady went to prison and got a really boring book deal out of it.

After "Slums" she was supposed to be the next big thing. The prison company chick should have gotten beaten up, as should have Pennsatucky for letting the guard out. Ended up in rehab, started working again off-Broadway. Bump for new episodes. How about Boo, in or out? Oh yeah one last thing, feel free to debunk these sentences as well. I did like the season 4 finale, but the overall storylines have been lacking.

No sign that she was acting up during the riots, so no story line that has to be followed. Don't throw a fit when someone accuses you of being older than dirt but just assumed I was Millennial. Does she have lymphedema or elephantitis?

Super Troopers 2 5. They did explain Sister Ingalls disappearance. Mother and daughter nude videos. So far only Frieda has been upgraded to lead so far for next season. The show has become very bloated and I've said since season 2 that Piper should get paroled. She blew the great deal for them.

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Check out this YouTube playlist of some of his most memorable spots.

But I'm wondering if they won't find a way for Piper's instinct to never STFU to get her in even more trouble than the rest of the crew.

The meth heads need to go and Crazy Eyes is only good in very small doses. Tumblr sexy girls sex. Is Donuts going to keep Pennsatucky in a box under his bed? I hope that crazy Italian woman actually gets help this time; I would love for her to deal with her obsessive problems. Years later I read about her contracting Hepatitis while filming in Europe.

Just finished the episode 4? Is that why Natasha Lyonne fell off the planet? Taryn Manning's also pursued a singing career. Michael torpey naked. I expect the number of singers has something to do with the show being cast in New York and a preference by the show runner for distinctive speaking voices. How about Boo, in or out?

Kate Mulgrew appears to be bored this season. Given the framing of the shot and all, I'm thinking the latter. I'm assuming that the actors in the stand-off will come back, though some could end up as fodder. I think I missed that, but I remember her wearing it for the whole season.

I love it that Linda is going to be stuck in prison now that the meth-heads destroyed all the records. Sexy girls on tumblr. I wouldn't put the latter two in the same category as the Broadway powerhouses. Some of us appreciate a man with some meat on his bones, R I'm guessing Piper finds a way to get time added to her sentence. It should be Red, Gloria, Piper or even Maria.

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Nothing amazing really but I'm glad I kept watching. She knew a lot about disposing of a dead body. Celebrity Rehab 5 Ep. I just watched the episode where Piscatella goes on his rampage. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. Xxx redhead pussy. Chang saying " come to flavor country " is too silly. Watch the opening credits of the pilot episode.

I have to say I did quite enjoy the season over all however. Tasty teetered on overacting as usual, but Black Cindy is excellent.

I've never cared that much for Boo but her wearing that suit and courting Linda was pretty funny. Zirconia entertained me some this season and the only one of that group that I'd want to see more of on the show.

I'd have rather Piscatella or Luschek perform the striptease. Danielle Brooks was the MVP of this so-so season. Nice to see them mixing up the format. Natasha Lyonne was on Conan the other night, funny interview and she said she's dating Fred Armisen another hot mess. Piscatella, as sadistic as he was, made for terrific eye candy. I honestly think the writers created a hero's fallacy to keep the show from progressing.

I and most people knew what I meant. I liked this season. Unlike Pensatucky and her fucked up playing house with the guard who raped her.

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