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Genevieve padalecki naked

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He sounds like a gay guy desperately trying to hide a gay lisp. I thought Jensen had been trying to become a producer for a while now but got turned down. Hot bikini girls naked. Genevieve padalecki naked. Dawn Robinson 50 None. The only thing people like that accept is that they are gay and screwing each other because that caters to their delusion that they are in love and in a relationship.

He always reminds me of a slutty power bottom that freaks out after you've cummed in him and then screams and rants that he isn't gay and is still a man. Pretty much, no one knows now. And if he's so close to his lesbian aunt where's the support? Mischa looks to have suffered the same fate. And I am sick of bad waitresses who think they should be coddled or exempt.

The haters trawl through the net looking for conspiratorial links about the political affiliations of Jensen and all the other nonsense. And i don't think the guys appreciate the vile shit that "fans" say to their wives. Supernatural is a well-paying and steady job and Ackles is probably rational enough to realize he's not a movie star but a tv star in a niche production.

Thank you for your openess and honesty. Sexy japanese girl ass. R, you have 11 posts in this thread all pretty much defending Padalecki. But keep giving him your money, it's the only thing he wants from you. You know, for a paycheck.

Genevieve padalecki naked

When looked at closely most guys show signs of being bi or gay since that's just the way men are. Ruth Connell and Jared. A friend of the bartender apparently said the bartender can have a bit crude humor but that she tried to make Padalecki feel better when he apparently was falling apart in the bar.

What will I say? His wife have welcomed their third child into world baby girl named Odette Elliott Star Read facts couple, children, how they got second star tweeted fans Monday partner had successfully. Love the blog Gen!! Tell us something we don't already know. Jared Padalecki looks like a retard and seems to behave like one too.

He left Smallville early for a reason. It goes beyond just being annoyed at the same damn question by odd fans. So this douchebag goes in and expects the waitress to recognize him and give him special treatment and when waitress doesn't recognize him and treats him like everyone else or he's acting douchey and she reacts he whines on social media? No one knows but Supernatural fans like to believe Ackles loves them so much that he wouldn't leave them for the Marvel movies.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead I have checked out a couple of other Supernatural threads about these guys today and you always seem to be there will the same extreme language and vitriol. A dad who throws public tantrums when the help "disrespects" him, and then sends his lunatic female fan army after them.

There is something about this show that strikes a chord in certain lonely people. Rami malek naked. But oh the drama!

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Also I think he lost all his looks and needs a shrink.

The show and actors become very personal for them and they project the characters' traits onto Jensen and Jared. Big huge nude tits. It's just that there is a difference between talking shit about them because you don't like them vs actually writing libelous shit about them that could damage their careers.

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Because he dared post a complaint about a bitchy waitress? R5- I noticed that too. I doubt it was homosexual in a sexual way since if I remember correctly angels aren't really sexual beings in the show it's been years since I've watched the show so I could be wrong, though. Definitely going to check out a few! He does ONE thing wrong and people think he is a bad person!? Love your blog, btw. Meanwhile, Padalecki's kids won't even get the privilege of name dropping, because no one knows who the fuck their father is, or what he did for a living.

Are you sure your not working for the CW R39? The haters trawl through the net looking for conspiratorial links about the political affiliations of Jensen and all the other nonsense. PSH's kids will one day be grown adults who will one day view their father's body of work, and his legacy, and think, "wow, this man, my father, was one of the most talented actors out there.

Ive always thought Jensen was a closet case, since before Supernatural even. Genevieve padalecki naked. I don' t believe in the "women should stick together no matter what" mantra AT ALL, and it doesn' t take a genius to understand that a powerful, rich, white guy just tried to destroy a woman' s life by putting names and personal informations on a site where his fans would' ve fought for him.

Trust us one thing: There's no denying the whole Supernatural phenomenon with its fandom is quite fascinating. The idiots who think they are gay or bi are just I don't watch Supernatural and I do agree the show does have a lot of underlying homophobia and sexism to it. Wv female escorts. Ruth Crilly 38 Full Frontal. How much for a photo? I find that, even after knowing my husband since high school, together sinceand married for 4 years this year, I still feel self-conscious in the bedroom.

He is the kindest man I have had the ability to meet and he would NOT wish this upon her! And I'm telling you, Supernatural is one of the best - really, a lot of people, I hear a lot of people telling me that, that it's one of the best shows. Now it looks like one of those awful skinny jeans junkie butts -- though I would wager his at least still looks good naked since it had muscle back then.

At least Jared has a hot body. Jensen's Facebook page got a lot of criticism when he put up a rainbow flag after Orlando. Thanks for the list Gen! Is This Just Fantasy? And that's nice R but i feel like Jensen could be one of those guys who's ok with lesbians for obvious reasons but when it comes to gay guys it's a different story.

Find any episode where he is wearing khaki pants. Sure Ackles possibly hates the fan fraus as well. Cas and Crowley should have disappeared long ago. By posting about it - not to mention pic of her face - on his social media with all his thousands of followers, he crossed the line into douchebag territory.

But oh the drama! According to a co-worker who posted about the incident see R9the restaurants lawyers were getting involved, so I don't think it's just cyberbullying that she's dealing with. Remember Me Forgot password? So will this be the final season of Supernatural? It's a given that Jensen is a Republican and Padalecki is just a dick. Www big xxx com. I'm sure money has nothing to do with it.

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LESBIAN STYLE GUIDE Jared,Gen and Thomas Colton Padalecki. The guy who plays the demon on the show is so sad and desperate, he's selling tshirts with his face on them.
X video mother and son No, prick, I mean prick. R Having foolish fans does not elevate them out of being D-list CW tv show stars.
Telgu nude video It's women who are defending Padalecki, the crazy Supernatural fan fraus. Are you sure your not working for the CW R39?

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